Falcor 4.3

Falcor is a real-time rendering framework supporting DirectX 12. It aims to improve productivity of research and prototype projects.

Features include:

  • Abstracting many common graphics operations, such as shader compilation, model loading, and scene rendering
  • DirectX Raytracing abstraction
  • Render Graph system
  • Python scripting
  • Common rendering effects such as shadows and post-processing effects
  • Unbiased path tracer

The included path tracer requires NVAPI. Please make sure you have it set up properly, otherwise the path tracer won't work. You can find the instructions below.



  • Windows 10 Graphics Tools. To run DirectX 12 applications with the debug layer enabled, you must install this. There are two ways to install it:
    • Click the Windows button and type Optional Features, in the window that opens click Add a feature and select Graphics Tools.
    • Download an offline package from here. Choose a ZIP file that matches the OS version you are using (not the SDK version used for building Falcor). The ZIP includes a document which explains how to install the graphics tools.
  • NVAPI (see below)

NVAPI installation

After cloning the repository, head over to https://developer.nvidia.com/nvapi and download the latest version of NVAPI (this build is tested against version R440). Extract the content of the zip file into Source/Externals/.packman/ and rename R440-developer to nvapi.

Finally, set _ENABLE_NVAPI to true in Source/Falcor/Core/FalcorConfig.h

CUDA Support

If you want to use CUDA C/C++ code as part of a Falcor project, then refer to the README located in the Source/Samples/CudaInterop/ for instructions on how to set up your environment to use CUDA with Falcor.

If you want to execute Slang-based shader code through CUDA using CUDAProgram, then you will need to copy or link the root directory of the CUDA SDK under Source/Externals/.packman/, as a directory named CUDA. Then, set _ENABLE_CUDA to true in Source/Falcor/Core/FalcorConfig.h

Falcor Configuration

FalcorConfig.h contains some flags which control Falcor's behavior.

  • _LOG_ENABLED - Enable/disable log messages. By default, it is set to true.
  • _PROFILING_ENABLED - Enable/Disable the internal CPU/GPU profiler. By default, it is set to true.



If you use Falcor in a research project leading to a publication, please cite the project. The BibTex entry is

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