Class AnalyticAreaLight


#include <Source/Falcor/Scene/Lights/Light.h>

class dlldecl AnalyticAreaLight : public Light


Analytic area light source.

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Ancestors: Light


createCreates an analytic area light.
getPowerGet total light power (needed for light picking)
getScalingSet light source scale
getTransformMatrixGet transform matrix
setScalingSet light source scaling
setTransformMatrixSet transform matrix


Lines 244-285 in Source/Falcor/Scene/Lights/Light.h.

class dlldecl AnalyticAreaLight : public Light
    using SharedPtr = std::shared_ptr<AnalyticAreaLight>;
    using SharedConstPtr = std::shared_ptr<const AnalyticAreaLight>;
    /** Creates an analytic area light.
        \param[in] type The type of analytic area light (rectangular, sphere, disc etc). See LightData.slang
    static SharedPtr create(LightType type);
    /** Set light source scaling
        \param[in] scale x,y,z scaling factors
    void setScaling(float3 scale) { mScaling = scale; }
    /** Set light source scale
    float3 getScaling() const { return mScaling; }
    /** Get total light power (needed for light picking)
    float getPower() const override;
    /** Set transform matrix
        \param[in] mtx object to world space transform matrix
    void setTransformMatrix(const glm::mat4& mtx) { mTransformMatrix = mtx; update();  }
    /** Get transform matrix
    glm::mat4 getTransformMatrix() const { return mTransformMatrix; }
    AnalyticAreaLight(LightType type);
    void update();
    float3 mScaling;                ///< Scaling, controls the size of the light
    glm::mat4 mTransformMatrix;     ///< Transform matrix minus scaling component

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