Function loadFromFile


#include <Source/Falcor/Utils/AsyncTextureLoader.h>

std::future< Texture::SharedPtr > loadFromFile(const std::string &filename, bool generateMipLevels, bool loadAsSrgb, Resource::BindFlags bindFlags=Resource::BindFlags::ShaderResource)


Request loading a texture.


[ in ] filename - Filename of the image. Can also include a full path or relative path from a data directory.

[ in ] generateMipLevels - Whether the mip-chain should be generated.

[ in ] loadAsSrgb - Load the texture using sRGB format. Only valid for 3 or 4 component textures.

[ in ] bindFlags - The bind flags to create the texture with.

A future to a new texture, or nullptr if the texture failed to load.


Lines 50-56 in Source/Falcor/Utils/AsyncTextureLoader.cpp. Line 56 in Source/Falcor/Utils/AsyncTextureLoader.h.

std::future<Texture::SharedPtr> AsyncTextureLoader::loadFromFile(const std::string& filename, bool generateMipLevels, bool loadAsSrgb, Resource::BindFlags bindFlags)
    std::lock_guard<std::mutex> lock(mMutex);
    mRequestQueue.push(Request{filename, generateMipLevels, loadAsSrgb, bindFlags});
    return mRequestQueue.back().promise.get_future();

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