Function Buffer


#include <Source/Falcor/Core/API/Buffer.h>

Buffer(size_t size, BindFlags bindFlags, CpuAccess cpuAccess)


No description yet.


Lines 59-69 in Source/Falcor/Core/API/Buffer.cpp. Line 306 in Source/Falcor/Core/API/Buffer.h.

Buffer::Buffer(size_t size, BindFlags bindFlags, CpuAccess cpuAccess)
    : Resource(Type::Buffer, bindFlags, size)
    , mCpuAccess(cpuAccess)
    // Check that buffer size is within 4GB limit. Larger buffers are currently not well supported in D3D12.
    // TODO: Revisit this check in the future.
    if (size > (1ull << 32))
        logWarning("Creating GPU buffer of size " + std::to_string(size) + " bytes. Buffers above 4GB are not currently well supported.");

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