Function renderUI


#include <Source/Falcor/Scene/Camera/Camera.h>

void renderUI(Gui::Widgets &widget)


Render the UI


Lines 309-342 in Source/Falcor/Scene/Camera/Camera.cpp. Line 241 in Source/Falcor/Scene/Camera/Camera.h.

void Camera::renderUI(Gui::Widgets& widget)
    if (mHasAnimation) widget.checkbox("Animated", mIsAnimated);
    float focalLength = getFocalLength();
    if (widget.var("Focal Length", focalLength, 0.0f, FLT_MAX, 0.25f)) setFocalLength(focalLength);
    float aspectRatio = getAspectRatio();
    if (widget.var("Aspect Ratio", aspectRatio, 0.f, FLT_MAX, 0.001f)) setAspectRatio(aspectRatio);
    float focalDistance = getFocalDistance();
    if (widget.var("Focal Distance", focalDistance, 0.f, FLT_MAX, 0.05f)) setFocalDistance(focalDistance);
    float apertureRadius = getApertureRadius();
    if (widget.var("Aperture Radius", apertureRadius, 0.f, FLT_MAX, 0.001f)) setApertureRadius(apertureRadius);
    float shutterSpeed = getShutterSpeed();
    if (widget.var("Shutter Speed", shutterSpeed, 0.f, FLT_MAX, 0.001f)) setShutterSpeed(shutterSpeed);
    float ISOSpeed = getISOSpeed();
    if (widget.var("ISO Speed", ISOSpeed, 0.8f, FLT_MAX, 0.25f)) setISOSpeed(ISOSpeed);
    float2 depth = float2(mData.nearZ, mData.farZ);
    if (widget.var("Depth Range", depth, 0.f, FLT_MAX, 0.1f)) setDepthRange(depth.x, depth.y);
    float3 pos = getPosition();
    if (widget.var("Position", pos, -FLT_MAX, FLT_MAX, 0.001f)) setPosition(pos);
    float3 target = getTarget();
    if (widget.var("Target", target, -FLT_MAX, FLT_MAX, 0.001f)) setTarget(target);
    float3 up = getUpVector();
    if (widget.var("Up", up, -FLT_MAX, FLT_MAX, 0.001f)) setUpVector(up);

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