Function setJitter


#include <Source/Falcor/Scene/Camera/Camera.h>

void setJitter(float jitterX, float jitterY)


Set the camera's jitter.


[ in ] jitterX - Subpixel offset along X axis divided by screen width (positive value shifts the image right).

[ in ] jitterY - Subpixel offset along Y axis divided by screen height (positive value shifts the image up).


Lines 279-287 in Source/Falcor/Scene/Camera/Camera.cpp. Line 185 in Source/Falcor/Scene/Camera/Camera.h.

void Camera::setJitter(float jitterX, float jitterY)
    if (mJitterPattern.pGenerator)
        logWarning("Camera::setJitter() called when a pattern-generator object was attached to the camera. Detaching the pattern-generator");
        mJitterPattern.pGenerator = nullptr;
    setJitterInternal(jitterX, jitterY);

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