Function setFramerate


#include <Source/Falcor/Utils/Timing/Clock.h>

Clock & setFramerate(uint32_t fps)


Set the requested FPS to simulate, or disable FPS simulation. When enabling FPS simulation, calls to tick() will change the time by 1/FPS seconds. If FPS simulation is disabled, calling tick() will add the actual time that passed since the previous tick() call


Lines 100-112 in Source/Falcor/Utils/Timing/Clock.cpp. Line 112 in Source/Falcor/Utils/Timing/Clock.h.

Clock& Clock::setFramerate(uint32_t fps)
    mFramerate = fps;
    mTicksPerFrame = 0;
        if (kTicksPerSecond % fps) logWarning("Clock::setFramerate() - requested FPS can't be accurately represented. Expect rounding errors");
        mTicksPerFrame = kTicksPerSecond / fps;
    if(!mDeferredFrameID && !mDeferredTime) setTime(;
    return *this;

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