Class Console


#include <Source/Falcor/Utils/Scripting/Console.h>

class dlldecl Console


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clearClears the console.
flushProcesses console input
instanceGlobal console instance.
renderRenders the console and handles important keyboard input events:


Lines 37-76 in Source/Falcor/Utils/Scripting/Console.h.

class dlldecl Console
    /** Clears the console.
    void clear();
    /** Renders the console and handles important keyboard input events:
        - The "`" key is used to open/close the console.
        - The ESC key is used to close the console if currently open.
        - The UP/DOWN keys are used to browse through the history.
        \param[in] pGui GUI.
        \param[in/out] show Flag to indicate if console is shown.
    void render(Gui* pGui, bool& show);
    /** Processes console input. Should be called once at the end of every frame.
        \return Returns true if some processing occured.
    bool flush();
    /** Global console instance.
        \return Returns the global console instance.
    static Console& instance();
    Console() = default;
    void enterCommand();
    std::optional<std::string> browseHistory(bool upOrDown);
    static int inputTextCallback(ImGuiInputTextCallbackData* data);
    std::string mLog;
    char mCmdBuffer[2048] = {};
    std::string mCmdPending;
    std::vector<std::string> mHistory;
    int32_t mHistoryIndex = -1;
    bool mScrollToBottom = true;

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