Function updateSubresourceData


#include <Source/Falcor/Core/API/CopyContext.h>

void updateSubresourceData(const Texture *pDst, uint32_t subresource, const void *pData, const uint3 &offset=uint3(0), const uint3 &size=uint3(-1))


Update a texture's subresource data offset and size describe a region to update. For any channel of extent that is -1, the texture dimension will be used. pData can't be null. The size of the pointed buffer must be equal to a single texel size times the size of the region we are updating


Lines 157-161 in Source/Falcor/Core/API/CopyContext.cpp. Line 114 in Source/Falcor/Core/API/CopyContext.h.

void CopyContext::updateSubresourceData(const Texture* pDst, uint32_t subresource, const void* pData, const uint3& offset, const uint3& size)
    mCommandsPending = true;
    updateTextureSubresources(pDst, subresource, 1, pData, offset, size);

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