Struct BuildingData


#include <Source/Falcor/Experimental/Scene/Lights/LightBVHBuilder.h>

struct BuildingData


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Lines 123-132 in Source/Falcor/Experimental/Scene/Lights/LightBVHBuilder.h.

struct BuildingData
    std::vector<PackedNode>& nodes;                 ///< BVH nodes generated by the builder.
    std::vector<TriangleSortData> trianglesData;    ///< Compact list of triangles to include in build.
    std::vector<uint32_t> triangleIndices;          ///< Triangle indices sorted by leaf node. Each leaf node refers to a contiguous array of triangle indices.
    std::vector<uint64_t> triangleBitmasks;         ///< Array containing the per triangle bit pattern retracing the tree traversal to reach the triangle: 0=left child, 1=right child; this array gets filled in during the build process. Indexed by global triangle index.
    float currentNodeFlux = 0.f;                    ///< Used by computeSAOHSplit() as the leaf creation cost.
    BuildingData(std::vector<PackedNode>& bvhNodes) : nodes(bvhNodes) {}

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