Struct Curve


#include <Source/Falcor/Scene/SceneBuilder.h>

struct Curve


Curve description.




Lines 203-223 in Source/Falcor/Scene/SceneBuilder.h.

struct Curve
    template<typename T>
    struct Attribute
        const T* pData = nullptr;
    std::string name;                           ///< The curve's name.
    uint32_t degree = 1;                        ///< Polynomial degree of the curve; linear (1) by default.
    uint32_t vertexCount = 0;                   ///< The number of vertices.
    uint32_t indexCount = 0;                    ///< The number of indices (i.e., tube segments).
    const uint32_t* pIndices = nullptr;         ///< Array of indices. The element count must match `indexCount`. This field is required.
    Material::SharedPtr pMaterial;              ///< The curve's material. Can't be nullptr.
    Attribute<float3> positions;                ///< Array of vertex positions. This field is required.
    Attribute<float> radius;                    ///< Array of sphere radius. This field is required.
    Attribute<float3> tangents;                 ///< Array of vertex tangents. This field is required.
    Attribute<float3> normals;                  ///< Array of vertex normals. This field is optional.
    Attribute<float2> texCrds;                  ///< Array of vertex texture coordinates. This field is optional. If set to nullptr, all texCrds will be set to (0,0).

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