Class Window


#include <Source/Falcor/Core/Window.h>

class dlldecl Window


No description yet.


DescWindow configuration configuration
ICallbacksCallbacks interface to be used when creating a new object


createCreate a new window.
getApiHandleGet the native window handle
getClientAreaSizeGet the width of the window's client area
getDescGet the descriptor
msgLoopStart executing the msgLoop
pollForEventsForce event polling
resizeResize the window
setWindowPosChange the window's position
setWindowTitleChange the window's title
shutdownDestroy the window


Lines 36-137 in Source/Falcor/Core/Window.h.

class dlldecl Window
    using SharedPtr = std::shared_ptr<Window>;
    using SharedConstPtr = std::shared_ptr<const Window>;
    using ApiHandle = WindowHandle;
    /** Window mode
    enum class WindowMode
        Normal,     ///< Normal window.
        Minimized,  ///< Minimized window.
        Fullscreen, ///< Fullscreen window.
    /** Window configuration configuration
    struct Desc
        uint32_t width = 1920;                  ///< The width of the client area size.
        uint32_t height = 1080;                 ///< The height of the client area size.
        std::string title = "Falcor Sample";    ///< Window title.
        WindowMode mode = WindowMode::Normal;   ///< Window mode. In full screen mode, width and height will be ignored.
        bool resizableWindow = true;            ///< Allow the user to resize the window.
    /** Callbacks interface to be used when creating a new object
    class ICallbacks
        virtual void handleWindowSizeChange() = 0;
        virtual void handleRenderFrame() = 0;
        virtual void handleKeyboardEvent(const KeyboardEvent& keyEvent) = 0;
        virtual void handleMouseEvent(const MouseEvent& mouseEvent) = 0;
        virtual void handleDroppedFile(const std::string& filename) = 0;
    /** Create a new window.
        \param[in] desc Window configuration
        \param[in] pCallbacks User callbacks
        \return A new object if creation succeeded, otherwise nullptr
    static SharedPtr create(const Desc& desc, ICallbacks* pCallbacks);
    /** Destructor
    /** Destroy the window. This will cause the msgLoop() to stop its execution
    void shutdown();
    /** Resize the window
        \param[in] width The new width of the client-area
        \param[in] height The new height of the client-area
        There is not guarantee that the call will succeed. You should call getClientAreaHeight() and getClientAreaWidth() to get the actual new size of the window
    void resize(uint32_t width, uint32_t height);
    /** Start executing the msgLoop. The only way to stop it is to call shutdown()
    void msgLoop();
    /** Force event polling. Useful if your rendering loop is slow and you would like to get a recent keyboard/mouse status
    void pollForEvents();
    /** Change the window's position
    void setWindowPos(int32_t x, int32_t y);
    /** Change the window's title
    void setWindowTitle(const std::string& title);
    /** Get the native window handle
    const ApiHandle& getApiHandle() const { return mApiHandle; }
    /** Get the width of the window's client area
    uint2 getClientAreaSize() const { return { mDesc.width, mDesc.height }; }
    /** Get the descriptor
    const Desc& getDesc() const { return mDesc; }
    friend class ApiCallbacks;
    Window(ICallbacks* pCallbacks, const Desc& desc);
    void updateWindowSize();
    void setWindowSize(uint32_t width, uint32_t height);
    Desc mDesc;
    GLFWwindow* mpGLFWWindow;
    ApiHandle mApiHandle;
    float2 mMouseScale;
    const float2& getMouseScale() const { return mMouseScale; }
    ICallbacks* mpCallbacks = nullptr;

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