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Environment Variables

The following environment variables are used in Falcor:

Variable Name Description
FALCOR_DEVMODE Set to 1 to enable development mode. In development mode, shader and data files are picked up from the Source folder instead of the binary output directory allowing for shader hot reloading (F5). Note that this environment variable is set by default when launching any of the Falcor projects from Visual Studio.
FALCOR_MEDIA_FOLDERS Specifies a semi-colon (;) separated list of absolute path names containing Falcor scenes. Falcor will search in these paths when loading a scene from a relative path name.
FALCOR_GPU_VENDOR_ID Specify which GPU vendor to use for rendering. This is useful when having multiple GPUs in a system (e.g. laptop with both integrated and discrete GPUs). Falcor tries to select an NVIDIA GPU by default.
FALCOR_GPU_DEVICE_ID Of the GPUs matching the vendor ID specified by FALCOR_GPU_VENDOR_ID (or NVIDIA GPUs if unspecified), selects which GPU index to choose. This is useful when having multiple GPUs that can be used in parallel by multiple Falcor instances. By default, the first GPU (ID 0) is used.

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